Method 12: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

Well, I’ve finally made it to the end of this road and it is time to reflect.
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First of all, I enjoyed blogging, which is new to me. It isn’t something that I could spend a great deal of time doing but having an online diary of sorts isn’t so bad. It seems almost like putting a message in a bottle and casting it out to sea.

I also appreciated learning about tagging and bookmarking. I didn’t realize that I was using a bookmarking service for quite a while and it didn’t dawn on me what the full capabilities were until going through this program. I didn’t care for Delicious and felt a little superior because I use Read It Later with great ease for my needs, but I thought the bookmarking was limited to the particular computer on which the bookmark was saved. I later learned that I could create a login and access my bookmarks anywhere. I bookmark like a banshee (surely banshees bookmark) and at any given time, I want to be able to find information that I stored. So, I get a great deal more out of my beloved bookmarker than I did before. ūüôā (I’m beaming!)

I like to learn all sorts of things all the time — lifelong learning is something I value but I don’t necessarily make time for this. This program has helped me to see that a great span of time is not required to learn a little bit about anything, certainly new technology as well.

Normally, I avoid YouTube. I have for a long time for no particular reason. I suppose I thought it was a hotbed for viruses. I still don’t use it very much, but I have found pieces of video and music and such that I know I couldn’t find anywhere else. My attitude toward YouTube has changed. I also recognize now that it isn’t all dancing babies, and stupid human tricks, and so on. There is plenty of material of value.

If I could suggest something different for this program, I wonder if a ‘flash course’ could be established, perhaps for those who want a short introduction and are not looking for a full program. This way, people who feel they don’t have the time can still get the highlights. I do think the blog is a useful tool and should be maintained in any case.

I would enjoy participating in another program, as time permits. It was a helpful experience!

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I don’t think this is the song that I was after, so with no further ado, take it away von Trapp kids:

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Method 11: Screw Your Podcast to the Sticking Place Monday, Feb 15 2010 

This bears no relation, does it?

I have been on a Shakespearean role, have I not? The attached picture (from Flickr) is supposed to have something to do with MacBeth, but I’m not seeing it. Nevermind that — the subject of interest is podcasting.

I am a big fan of NPR, so I occasionally podcast some of the shows that I miss. This is a great tool since it now feels like nothing is ever missed or lost. I don’t have a DVR,¬† so this is my DVR for radio.

I don’t like paying for anything and I don’t like a hassle, so often I stay away from podcasts that I might otherwise like to use. I hope that this technology will continue and improve and become even more convenient.

It is hard for me to see the utility of this in libraries, other than the benefits that I have already stated. Since I am not in a position to use these features from a library, it is hard for me to conceptualize. However, there are certainly ways that libraries can and should make podcasts available.

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Method 10: Wiki, Wiki, Wherefore Art Thou, Wiki Monday, Feb 15 2010 

Wiki, wiki, wiki can't you see . . .

Wiki, wiki, wiki can’t you see somehow your words just hypnotized me . . .

I’ve been using wikis for a little while now and have created a few of my own. I would like to learn about more features and how to use them more effectively. I admit, I have probably been trying to get blood from a turnip, but they are useful and easy to use and a great way to create! Maybe it for me what scrapbooking is to others.



In libraries, wikis may be helpful for adding (virtually) solely user input to the site. This could be useful for public libraries who want to make community information available or provide web space to groups that meet at the library to hype themselves, draw feedback or post their handiwork when possible. This could require an awful lot of monitoring, but it could bring patrons to the collaboration table, which is a great thing. Also, a more obvious use could be making reviews and advisories created by library user’s available.¬† That could be nice.

(Photos are taken from Flickr.)

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Method 9: To Meebo or Not to Meebo Wednesday, Feb 10 2010 

That is the question. Cynicism has become gauche, hasn’t it? On to brighter, happier, smile-ier things. On to instant messaging. IM was a constant for me during college. It distracted me from much needed work, it connected me with people I would never meet in distant lands, it enabled me to have long and involved conversations with the person who lived in the very next dorm room and often consisted of hundreds of smiley faces.

<a href=”; title=”Smiley”><img src=”; alt=”Smiley” border=”0″ /></a>

This is the html for a smiley of which I was particularly fond in times past. Ah, embarrassment/shame.

But this time, I took a step outside AIM, and Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, ICQ and such and checked out Meebo. Meebo is all the things that I could have used years ago and a few things I still enjoy. It is FREE; it is easy; it does not require a download.¬† Also, it apparently doesn’t require an account, which can be annoying to set up at times.

I messaged tslacdl using Meebo. We briefly discussed completion rates for the Two-Step program thus far, and the reactions that ‘graduates’ had to it. Meebo is a simple little program and has obvious benefits for library patrons. It also seems like a nice entry for new-comers to the use of IM. For example, I think my mother could use it. If my mother can use it, at least 90% of anyone anywhere can use it.¬† :"> (Yahoo Messenger)

My library is using chat and I expect that it works very well. It enables people to get quick assistance when they need it or to communicate without being face-to-face. So, all aboard!

Method 8: The Good, the Facebook and the Myspace Monday, Jan 4 2010 

I am completing these section after having listened to a report about Facebook this morning.¬† It was in regard to Facebook ramping up security features.¬† Interestingly, some are arguing that in order to make your Facebook page more secure, you’ll have to make your information more public.

While I have no clue how accurate that statement is, and I am far from concerned because I have no interest in personally using either social networking site, I find the whole thing amusing.¬† People use these sites with a great deal of gusto, posting all sorts of personal information and perhaps even exposing themselves to some sort of cyber info-abuse.¬† At the same time, I hear some older people, whom I would think beyond this sort of antisocial socializing, exclaiming about friends they have reconnected with and how great it is just to keep in touch with the family.¬† Phones become more and more flexible — I can even watch TV on it — and now I need Facebook to keep up with family?¬† I just wonder how many are giving thought to just how Facebook and MySpace profits from all of this?¬† (Another side note: once we communicated through a box [telephone] and now we communicate in a box [the privacy of your own room] to a box [the computer] about . . . a box [let me work on this one]?)¬† Yes, they get advertisers but cynical me says there is more to it that is a little deeper than just that.

Besides all of that, which is on the personal side, Facebook and MySpace can certainly be a good thing for libraries.¬† All of the articles laid that out just fine.¬† I have to wonder if it ever seems to young patrons like their grandfather pretending to be young and hip.¬† I tend to think that if anyone needs to be urged by discussions at conferences and such to use these tools, maybe it really isn’t for them.¬† There is and always has been more than one way to skin a cat.

Method 7: Tagging Thursday, Oct 15 2009 

Having looked at Delicious, I have decided one thing:¬† I am not personal into it.¬† I have other methods for saving/accessing important site but I don’t want to file one hundred web sites.¬† While, yes, an orderly method is necessary for utilizing them all, that is just too many.¬† When I begin to feel that my bookmarks are out of control, it is time to start deleting.¬† I purposely keep my other source from clutter.¬† Delicious just does not appeal to me.¬† I also do not want my selected sites to be public.¬† Sorry but no thanks.

I think this could be useful for a library, on the other hand.  The sharing advantage is useful for a library.  I can imagine choosing from a list of site marked by a reference librarian to help me find useful information.  Is this truly the best way for libraries to do this though?

Final thought: useful, yes; necessary, no; can’t live without, no way.


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Are You Ready to Enter the Dragon? Thursday, Oct 8 2009 

Edmar Castaneda

Method 6: Embed of Roses Thursday, Oct 8 2009 

Since I can not embed the video that I selected (embedding was not allowed), I embedded another that is related.  This is a clip from the French documentary Latcho Drom, which looks at the lives of gypsies, nomads and bedouins.  (You will have to click the link because embedding is not free!)

However, because I am smarter than the average bear, I have included a link below to the song clip that I wanted to embed, “El Pajaro Negro.”


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These clips are from a documentary that I watched a long time ago. I had been looking for it for a while, but hey — why check it out from the library when someone has (probably inappropriately) put it all online?

Instructional videos that are posted to YouTube (I once watched two or three videos about how to poach an egg) would be great for libraries to make available. When a patron is in need of minimal instruction on something or another, and they prefer to do it on their own, maybe they could go through a library of online media content. I hope to next learn how to sprout grains!

Method #5: Enter the Dragon Monday, Sep 28 2009 

Enter stage right

Mr. Komodo enters stage right

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Look at that skin! Wow. Baby soft.

I think I may have lost my original post so here is are the major points:

– It is nice to have access to pictures they I don’t have the time or the ability to take for myself. It is a question and/or a problem if I have the right to use any and all pictures. I believe that some picture are not available for free use.

– I don’t really see the use of this in libraries. I see a value to using it in a general way in which virtually everything is useful to someone at some time. However, I can’t conceptualize a specific and important use. Maybe that will require more thought.

Method# 4: A Good Blog is Hard to Find Monday, Sep 28 2009 

Well, I found three RSS feeds and subscribed.¬† This wasn’t terribly easy.¬† I found that I wasn’t very interested in subscribing to many newsfeeds.¬† In fact, I don’t even like all of the feeds I have added to my page.¬† Don’t ask which because I will never tell.

This requires a particular interest and I’m not finding much to meet my needs. I find myself at a bit of a loss to say whether or not this would be useful for libraries. I guess it would — not sure.

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